Real Estate


NRI Services offers reliable real estate services to the NRI community living in Canada. Our company works from offices in Mississauga, Canada, and Mohali, India. If you are a non-resident Indian willing to sell or buy property in Chandigarh or Punjab, we are the best company for legitimate and crystal-clear dealings. Whether you need our help with property tax, land records (Fard, Registry, Inteqal), property ownership, property transfer, a No Objection Certificate (NOC), or payment transfer, we can help you prepare and get the documents with ease.

Sell your property in Chandigarh or Punjab staying in Canada

We provide excellent experiences to non-resident Indians looking to sell their property in Chandigarh or Punjab. You will get the best price for your property. We will handle advertising, marketing, and negotiation processes on your behalf to sell your immovable assets. We will manage all legal documentation and ensure a smooth and trustworthy transaction.

You need not come to Chandigarh or Punjab personally to sell your immovable property in Chandigarh and Punjab. We are here to make it a profitable deal and a hassle-fee experience for you.

Verification of Property Documents in Chandigarh and Punjab

When a buyer purchases your property, 'Property Verification' is requested to ensure an authentic deal. Property Document Verification is necessary to cross-check that your property is legal and all documents are legitimate. Our Indian associates can help verify your property documents through your original Registry and Jamabandi. They will need a photocopy of your registry to request the latest Fard from the regional Land Records Department to start and complete the sale deal (Bainama) on your property hassle-free.

We can also help you to verify property documents when you buy property in Chandigarh or any city, town, or village in Punjab.

Transfer of funds to or from your NRI account

Our lawyers in Mohali will sign a Bayana Agreement on your behalf with a genuine buyer to sell your property. Initially, they will get an advance payment (Bayana). They will transfer it to your NRI account. A couple of months later, on the final registry, they will get the rest of the amount and transfer it to your NRI account finally. We will take full responsibility to ensure you get full payment for the property you have sold through us. Whenever you buy property in Indian Punjab or Chandigarh while residing in Canada, we can help you transfer your funds to the account of the right seller.

Buy Property in Ludhiana or anywhere in Punjab from Canada

If you are planning to purchase a piece of land, a farmhouse, a flat, a bungalow, a Kothi, a factory, a resort, a showroom, or a shopping mall anywhere in Chandigarh or Punjab, look no further than contacting us and taking advice from our real estate experts on the deal. We deal in the purchase of legitimate agricultural, residential, and commercial properties in the states.

We offer real estate services for property search, property valuation, legal documentation, and property management. We have a huge database of properties available to buy in Chandigarh and Punjab, so you can find the perfect property that suits your preferences and budget. We can assist you in negotiating the best rate for the property to purchase, its genuine Registry, transfer of funds, and Inteqal in the regional Land Records Department of either of the two states.

Making an Indian Power of Attorney in Canada

If you have property or financial dealings in Chandigarh or Punjab and presently reside in Canada, it is the best idea to make an Indian Power of Attorney (POA). With a POA, you can designate a trusted person to handle legal and financial matters on your behalf, such as selling or buying a Kothi, a flat or a plot and operating a bank account. Our senior lawyers are highly experienced in creating a legitimate Indian Power of Attorney from abroad quickly and sincerely.

Why should you choose us for real estate service?

  • We combine legal expertise, real estate industry knowledge, financial understanding, and a deep understanding of our clients to deliver intelligent advice.
  • We can help you save your precious time and money and reduce the stress and hassle of travelling to Chandigarh or Punjab to sell or purchase property.
  • We are based in both Canada and India.
  • Our lawyers have proven records in their specialised fields.
  • We will deal with the courts for legal proceedings to support you.
  • Our team will keep you updated at every step of the process to ensure that your interests are protected.
  • We take full responsibility of fair dealings and payment transfers.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property in Chandigarh or Punjab, our real estate services are designed to cater to your specific needs. Please, do not hesitate to contact us today so we can help you with your real estate desires.